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Huge number of electronic payment systems in a single account.

Benefits of work

Commit replenishment and withdrawal of funds, at any time convenient for you.


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Money-Center - a trademark of Money-Center & Finance Group, Inc., which is engaged in the provision of Internet services to customers using electronic payment systems.
Company Money-Center & Finance Group, Inc. registered in the British Virgin Islands under the number 2134257 in February 2015. The company has a state license the Financial Services Commission under number SIBA / L / 11/2128.

Brand Money Center registered companies in many countries and is represented in 2015
Today Money-Center actively cooperates with a large number of financial intermediaries, insurance companies, banks and payment systems. Also, the company Money-Center & Finance Group, Inc. promoting brand Money-Center on the world stage, in cooperation with PPF Banka, NovoBanco, ABLV Bank and OCBC Bank.


What makes Money Center service truly unique?



The main advantage of our service is that processing operations occurs in minutes. Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The availability and flexibility

Money Center does not set limits for users on turnover and on the number of transactions. You choose by yours lf any convenient range.


Controlling Risk

Using the service, you minimizes the risk. Perform operations, only if its terms are satisfactory for you, if not, you just expect a more favorable rate.


Ease and simplicity

To start earning, not have to be a professional. Service is quite simple, convenient and user-friendly, so it will be able to understand even for a novice. You will be able to make in the first day.



Save time

Our company has created a system that can completely change your perception of the electronic exchange of currencies. To effectively manage your investments you will need a minimum of personal time. All work for you makes our service.




Company Money-Center & Finance Group, Inc (MC) has a license to provide financial services and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in accordance with the law on securities and investment business, 2010 (Securities and Investment Business Act, SIBA), the current in the British Virgin islands.